Increase your revenue
with a new website design
We create UX/UI designs that add value to your digital products and turn users into clients
12 years of UX/UI experience with a primary focus on eCommerce projects
Why people think we are cool UX/UI designers
40, 900, 000 Internet users
We are from Ukraine which means that we belong to one of the TOP 10 European countries with the biggest number of Internet users. This is why we are used to working with websites that experience millions of online traffic every month.
We know how to launch eCommerce projects that are leaders in their industries. 12 of our clients are included in the top 30 Ukrainian eCommerce brands
Some of the interfaces we have worked on
We create interfaces that prove their effectiveness by improving KPIs
No.1 fashion retailer, 114 stores in 25 cities, 3,500,000 online visitors per month
One of the leaders of the electronics in Azerbaijan. 130,000 visits per month
29 offline stores of perfumes and cosmetics in Kazakhstan.
More than 60,000 items
The RAU Awards winner as a jewelry retailer. 500,000 online visits per month
The top online booking service for apartments. 340,000 users per month.
Winner of Retail Awards as a children's goods chain store. 430,000 visits per month
Our methods
Every our solution is based on numbers, facts, and 12 years of experience
Usability Audit
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Data research (GA, Hotjar)
  • Analyze and collect user feedback
  • Analyze users
  • Create list of hypothesis and prioritize them
A/B Testing
  • UX analysis of product
  • Setting and collecting data from GA + tools (Hotjar, Formisimo, Tag Manager)
  • Create a hypothesis to test
  • A/B testing
User Testing
  • Of prototype
  • Of website
  • Of app
  • Moderated/ non-moderated method
Tools we use
Read on Hotjar the case study on how we increased the conversion rate by 55% for through the help of the Evolutionary Site redesign approach or download it in PDF.
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Our UX process
Gathering analytics and data analysis:
Collect and analyze info about business, target audience, competitors, users feedback, analytical data
Analysis of business
and user requirements
Analyze information and create the best product structure
Information structure
Create the best and intuitive navigation for products by using user scenarios
Research subject areas to create competitive products
Analyzing user behavior, searching for obstacles between users and products in each step, and creating solutions to overcome them
Customer Journey
We survey users and define a general portrait highlighting motives, problems, barriers, and expectations
User portrait
and validation
Our UI process
Our clients