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Some of the interfaces we have worked on are:
Tools we use are:
Read the case study on Hotjar to find out how we increased the conversion rate by 55% for through the help of the Evolutionary Site redesign approach or simply download the PDF file.
Evolutionary Site Redesign (ESR) is a strategy of continuous UX/UI improvements with a purpose to increase conversion rate and enhance other KPIs.
We use our own approach to UX/UI changes — ESR
Evolutionary Site Redesign
ESR in action:
TR increased by 74%

At least 3% of the website visitors (60 000 people per month) used a search. This segment of the loyal audience had a conversion rate 6 times higher than other users.

We studied search queries, checked the implementation on the website, and identified several problems:

  • Search query categories were not loading
  • Incorrect search results were displaying
  • There was no quick entry to the goods category

We have worked out about 20 scenarios of user interaction with the search bar and prepared a new design layout.

The transaction rate of users who use the website's search engine increased by 74.64%
    Micro CR increased by 85%

    We began the project with the optimization of the product card since it is the major decision-making point.
    During the analysis, we identified a number of mistakes with the key ones being:

    • Sticky product info, price, and "Buy" button at the top of the screen
    • Extra blocks distracting the user from the target action
    • Unstructured information

    We moved the "Buy" button to the bottom of the screen on the mobile version.

    The add-to-cart micro CR increased by 85.57%
      CR increased by 8%

      From the heatmaps, it was clear that users often access the sticky menu, but it took up a lot of space on the screen especially in the mobile version. So we suggested showing the menu only when scrolling up.

      When examining the records of the web visitors, we also found that when the user left the checkout page, all the data filled in the form was not saved. The user had to fill them out again which often ended up abandoning their shopping carts.

      We have eliminated these flaws and resolved five more small interface details.

      The conversion rate increased by 8.1%
      These are just a few hypotheses that have been confirmed by the test results and analytics data.
      In each project, we would form at least 20 hypotheses (usually 40-60).
      Let's improve your interface and increase the conversion rates
      Leave a request and our specialist will contact you and provide you some consultation
      We make hypotheses based on both data and 12 years of experience in designing e-commerce interfaces. Such an experience helps us save time when searching for the best UX/UI solution.
      During ESR, we give recommendations on conversion optimization and can implement them in the form of design layouts for new pages. As a result, you get a new site design where CRO principles are taken into consideration.
      ESR is more than just a CRO. We are not solely focused on conversion optimization. We think by using business categories together with you. We focus on increasing your revenue and giving you long-term results.
      Why is ESR better than just conversion optimization?
      Is the ESR approach a good fit for your business?
      UX/UI and conversion optimization for big brands
      Companies that can get the most out of ongoing conversion optimization typically look like this:

      • You are an industry leader with a well-developed online sales channel
      • You have more than 100,000 visitors per month (for conducting A/B tests and for tracking real growth)
      • The project has existed for more than 6 months (to take into account the seasonality factor and other anomalies in analytics)
      • Your business brings a stable income of at least $50,000 per month
      These are lower bounds and not upper bounds. The more revenue and traffic you have, the higher the expected return on investment will be from the ESR approach perspective.

      Plus, your site wouldn't have to be completely redesigned according to the following reasons:
      • Usability errors can be eliminated without dramatic design changes
      • Website design changes were made no more than 5 years ago
      If your site does not meet these two criteria and generates income that is not tangible for the business, RSR (Revolutionary Site Redesign) will be more suitable for your needs.

      An example of ESR conversion optimization for a large brand:
      The Intertop case study: ARPU increased by 71%
        UX/UI and conversion optimization for midsize businesses
        Is it possible to apply ESR if traffic is below 100,000 hits per month or income is below $50,000 per month?

        The conversion rate optimization with the help of UX/UI is possible for any kind of business.

        Due to the lack of traffic, this hypothesis cannot be tested using A/B tests at some stages of the funnel and other methods of data analysis will still be applied.

        Due to the lack of sufficient income, other metrics of site performance will be chosen as benchmarks.

        Example of conversion optimization for midsize businesses:
        The Solh case study: The number of orders increased by 25%
          Your first step to the ESR is UX-audit
          This is a detailed report on the Google Spreadsheet with a list of hypotheses (30+ hypotheses)
          As a result, you will get a plan to increase the project's income
          We start any research with a usability audit.
          Its main task is to determine the list of errors and growth points in the interface. During a UX audit, we connect tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, etc.
          Each hypothesis is assigned a level of criticality and given detailed recommendations.
          The report includes analytics, web visor records, heat maps, and target audience survey results
          We fully undertake the entire ESR process: from drawing-design of layouts and testing to their implementation and architectural supervision.
          After having a ready-made guide to put into action in your hands, there may be several further variants:
          We prepare page designs and your team can conduct their testing, layout, and development under our supervision.
          You take your plan of increasing your income and disposing it at your discretion.
          Are you ready to start your ESR journey with a UX audit?
          Senior UI Designer / 9 years of experience
          Who will work on your project?
          Head of the UX/UI dep. / 7 years of experience
          BA/UX-designer / 7 years of experience
          UI Designer / 6 years of experience
          UI Designer / 4 years of experience
          UX-analyst / 4 years of experience