Website UX Audit

We pinpoint less-than-perfect areas of your site that cause problems for users and give detailed recommendations for handling them
What is a UX Audit of a site?

A User Experience Audit (UX Audit) — is expert evaluation of how your potential customers interact with the site.

Based on analytics, users' behavior, and key site metrics, a specialist pinpoints the interface flaws crucial for conversion and develops recommendations for their elimination.
For example:
If 58,5% of the users open the site from mobile devices, and the conversions are half compared to the desktop users, the cause might be in the error in the adaptive interface. A UX audit will help identify and eliminate it.
Improvement of key metrics without redesign
Why do you need a UX audit?

A UX audit is a rational solution for those who see risk in a full website redesign.

When the site has certain issues but is still profitable, it might not be reasonable to change it completely.

In this case it is more practical to address critical gaps identified during a UX audit than do a full site redesign.
What will change after a UX audit?

After a UX audit you will be able to:
- increase conversion rates,
- decrease bounce rate,
- increase page depth,
- improve average session duration.

You will make the interface more convenient and intuitive for the user.
You fill in a form answering a number of questions about your project, which lets us understand your business better.
Thorough review of business processes
How we do it?

Website KPIs analysis

We carefully study key metrics, target audience, niche and competitors.

Formation of hypotheses
Based on the analytical data and our experience we generate hypotheses on problems of customers' interactions.
Website error check

Thorough analysis of the website interface lets us check our hypotheses and identify the resultant errors.
Preparation of a report
We present all the identified interface flaws in a report and provide detailed recommendations on their elimination.
A UX audit takes an average of 2 weeks.
During this period we go through the following stages:
Tools we use
Read on Hotjar the case study on how we increased the conversion rate by 55% for through the help of the Evolutionary Site redesign approach or download it in PDF.
It is an extensive document that contains the following information:
What will you get as a result?
As a result of a UX audit you get a detailed report in a Google Sheets format or other format convenient for you (upon request)
methods used,
• conclusions made based on analytics,
• analysis of the key site pages in the following format:
– name and description of the problem,
– screenshot for its visualization,
– recommendations on its elimination,
– best practices and experience of competitors, if necessary.
Thus you get detailed actionable guidelines.
Examples of identified issues and recommendations from the report

These are interface flaws of real customers. For the purpose of compliance with NDA, a schematic overview is given.
Loss of customers
caused by long scroll
Customers don't find the lead capture form
According to the scroll map, only 14% of all customers reach the block that contains the lead capture form. Others leave without seeing a call to action.
Add fixed navigation and call-to-action buttons in the main sections.
Loss of potential customers
at the search stage
Potential customers can't find the product they need
According to the site analytics, 22% of the site visitors use search, only 5% switch to the search results, 4% out of which make purchases. The search is not used to the full, since it is not convenient for the user.
Add advanced search options at the point where search query is entered – categories, brands, goods.
Сarts abandoned
on the checkout page
Users leave their carts without completing the purchase
18% of the users leave their carts and switch to the "Delivery and Payment", "About us" and "Warranty" pages, after which 83% of them never complete the purchase. The user doesn't have enough information at the decision point.
Add key information about delivery, payment and benefits to the "Cart" page. Introduce online consultant for handling other customer objections.
Turn to UX designers
What to do after a UX audit?
We have already identified interface flaws, know how to eliminate them and start UX/UI improvements for conversion rate growth
Order a website redesign
Address the issues yourself
If it is impossible to solve the situation addressing specific issues, we will create a new interface based on the audit data
You have received ready-made guidelines, which you can apply as you wish
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